Thursday, December 10, 2009

The New Name in Stickers

It’s so frustrating when you spend a bundle on stickers only to have them rub or fall off. And with so many unique names being given to children these days, good luck trying to find a sticker that’s all there own.

Not anymore. Name Bubbles has taken stickers to a whole new level. These personalized, durable stickers aren’t just for paper products, but for clothes, shoes, plastic containers or anything you want labelled - minimizing the problem of your kids’ items “wandering off.”

Name Bubbles are also;
• non-toxic
• eco-friendly
• fade-resident
• waterproof (stick in -60 degrees to 220 degrees)
• dishwasher safe
• laundry safe
• cute/colourful/personalized

Name Bubbles aren’t just for kids. They also make a line for Nursing Homes, Medical Alert, Sports, Daycares, Camp, Luggage, College, School, Birthday and Holidays.

Name Bubbles would make a great stocking-stuffer, baby shower gift, or just a fun treat for the kids. Gift Certificates are also available.

For more information on Name Bubbles, visit their web site at;


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