Monday, December 21, 2009

On the 4th Day Til Christmas...

... Mommy Draw Stars on My Tummy

Research findings in babies show…

• Touch stimulates;
- brain development
- weight gain

• Touch improves;
- alertness
- responsiveness
- cognitive performance

• Touch Reduces
- aggression

Sometimes there’s nothing like a good hug to make you feel better. And of course, children are no different. The bonding and nurturing touch of a loving parent is crucial in promoting the health and well being in our growing children.

However, even though hugs are great, there’s now an innovative new children’s book out that enhances the nurturing touch in a fun and educational way.

Mommy Draw Stars on My Tummy by Martine Groeneveld, combines the loving feel of a parents touch with fun, Rhymes, Games, Songs and Stories. This allows you as a parent to take time out of a hectic day, slow down and focus on your child. The benefits are an enjoyable, closer and deeply personal relationship between you and your child. As well as creating some lasting memories.

This beautiful, hardcover book illustrated by Brad Kunkle, contains a series of “quiet-time” activities for bedtime and naptime and even some for "playtime." Some of these stories and rhymes are familiar classics like, Itsy Bitsy Spider and This Little Pig Went to Market. But there’s also some unique additions like Magic Body Painting and Guess the Letter.

Each new page contains clear massage instructions for you (drawing with your full hand or just your finger-tips on the child’s body), and what tune to use along with the words. And if you really want to have some fun, make up your own stories or games using the basics you’ve learned along the way.

This unique, touch-play book will encourage and stimulate your child in creativity and cognitive abilities. Mommy Draw Stars on My Tummy is sure to become a favourite for both you and your baby or toddler.

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