Monday, December 14, 2009

On the Eleventh Day Til Christmas...

...Tinycandy’s Gift

It’s never easy when you feel you don’t fit in and Tinycandy is no exception. If being born with a limp and rounded ears wasn’t bad enough, Tinycandy was also the smallest of all the elves. And worst of all…

“…Each elf could create a special toy-
One unique for each girl and boy.
Everyone except Tinycandy, that is.
He had yet to discover what specialty was his…”

Santa Claus loved Tinycandy and made him a wooden cane. The other elves seeing Santa’s affection for Tinycandy soon became upset…

“…With hurtful words they’d taunt and offend,
Jealous because they thought he was Santa’s best friend…”

Tinycandy knew in order to fit in he must design something special like all the other elves….

“…So off to the workshop to gather some wood,
Certain he’d create something especially good…”

But when Tinycandy’s attempts at toy making are less than desirable, it’s Mrs. Claus to the rescue. Will her idea be the one that Tinycandy may actually be good at? Find out in ‘Tinycandy’s Gift’ by Susan E. Estes.

This book is charming and sweet. I could see this fast becoming a Christmas Eve tradition, right up there with ‘The Night Before Christmas.’ Mike Motz lends his talent in bright, bold illustrations that draws your eyes all over the page. In addition, at the very back of the book there’s a “Simple Candy Cane Recipe,” and the deluxe edition of this book comes with a ‘Read-a-long’ CD.

Don’t miss out on a very special Christmas book. For more information on Tinycandy’s Gift, or to purchase an autographed copy, please visit their web site at


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