Saturday, December 12, 2009

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Bumples Family First is a cross-promotional Blog for Bumples Interactive Magazine. Here at Bumples Family First we strive to bring you the latest in family-friendly product reviews, book reviews and interviews with experts in their fields. We also take one week at the end of every month to just have some fun. We love to hear your comments or answer any questions you may have, so please, don't be shy, let us know what's on your mind.

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Unknown said...

I really liked your sample with the interactive games and look forward to seeing your first real issue. I am glad you liked my submission of THE HUNTER AND THE DEER and will be very eager to see what you add to it with illustrations. I have not found many publishers interested in rhyming stories lately, or rhyming poetry in general, so I was extremely pleased to get your notice of acceptance. I hope you have better luck than Knowonder Magazine which published a short story of mine in their first issue but went out of publication, hopefully temporarily as they are seeking funding, after 3 issues.

Raylene Ventura said...

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