Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Adventures of Footenbarn - Hot Seat

Warning – Reading this book will lead to much hilarity and laughing out loud. Do not attempt to read in quiet places such as classrooms or church.

What happens to the “other” sock that always gets lost in the dryer? It goes through a worm hole and ends up on a hilarious adventure.

The Adventures of Footenbarn – Hot Seat, by Jeff Gibson and Shahrook Oomer is about one such sock. Whether it’s in his dreams fighting the bad guys, on the bus ride to school falling in love, or in the classroom pulling pranks, Footenbarn’s adventures are sure to keep you entertained.

A full cast of wacky characters come to life among the pages, like Simbu (who grows toe fungus for fun), Flex the bumbling-buddy and Francipants, the foreign exchange pair of pants. Plus, what would a good adventure be without a pretty girl and a villian? Or in this case, a brand new, high quality student err, sock named Filless and a bad-guy-dust-ball named Smackberry. This book has it all.

Footenbarns rules his school with his quick wit, up to date technology (YouTube Sock, Sock Foot Page) and all ‘round fun – think Sponge Bob Square Pants meets Bart Simpson. In addition to being quick-witted and hilarious, the illustrations are bright and bold with lots of detail filling in the background. I found myself looking at the pictures and finding more ‘punny’ remarks that only added to the story. With all this going for it, The Adventures of Footenbarn – Hot Seat can’t help but holler - READ ME!!

This book would make a great addition to any child’s collection or for anyone who has ever wondered…”where did that sock go?”

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Look who else is reading Footenbarn...
That's right, it's former President Bush and his lovely wife with co-author, Jeff Gibson.


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