Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Interview with Bumples Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Sheehan

Ms Sheehan was nice enough to stop by and give us an interview. Here are her answers Q/A style so I won't leave anything out...

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

For my first job I was a physical education and team sports instructor.
I was a top athlete in school myself and over the years have helped many girls to achieve their individual goals in their sports. I still coach softball and field hockey today. Most of my life I have worked as an accountant and retired a year ago.

Where did Bumples Interactive Magazine spring from?

Ten years ago I wrote four books based on the Bumple characters. I have always enjoyed telling funny stories to children. Looking at childrens’ magazines a year ago I saw good children’s magazines but not that much fiction. Coverage on the internet involved mostly games. Consequently I identified a niche and decided to show fiction stories with corresponding relevant references supported by games. The most important part was to have interaction. We are the only magazine on the Internet with these three components. Therefore, we feel that we are a ground breaker. Children have wild imaginations and finicky hands so let's do something that will make children happy, keep their attention and get them involved.

Where did your character 'Miss Bumples' originate?

Years ago I created surprise craft ball kits with a stories hidden inside for children. They were mailed all over the country. My main character, Miss Bumples, was developed at that time. The craft balls with funny faces were “bumpy.”

What is Bumples?

Bumples is an interactive magazine for children to enjoy reading - even the ones that don’t like to read. We feel that through making it interactive we can hold the child’s attention and at the same time improve their reading and comprehension. We want to tickle their imagination and creativity. I want them to want to read and learn more. A good teacher, like a good coach, can bring out the best in a child. We hope that this magazine does the same.

Is Bumples a themed Magazine?

Yes we are a theme magazine. Fiction supported by facts and a game relating to the story. No nonfiction.

Are you open to submissions?

Yes we take submissions and expect to be showing literature contributed 80% by outside writers. The illustrators and game designers will be in house.

Are you a Paying Market?

Yes we pay for stories, poems and illustrators. Go to the website for details -

Any plans for the future that you can share?

Yes, moving forward the magazine will be evolving. Animations and sound will be in the future magazines along with stories written by children. This magazine is for children, and we are always open to suggestions to improve it.

Check out Bumples Interactive Magazine online now at

Remember, the first issue online is FREE, but a new issue will be available this Friday January 15th and you will need a subscription to view it, so sign up today. It makes a great gift or even just an "I Love You" to your wonderful child :)


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