Monday, January 11, 2010

Message from Bumples Editor-in-Chief

Dear Bumple friends,

We at Bumples want to wish everybody a Happy New Years and also thank everybody that has e-mailed us. We have only been on line for one month but the positive response has been overwhelming.

When we decided to write and publish a new interactive children’s magazine, we were not sure how it would go over. The response has shown us that the children and parents like what they see. Going forward the magazine is going to be much better than the sample. We couldn’t do that without all the wonderful stories that we have received. We will be using new illustrators and a lot more animation. Also sounds will be introduced in future issues.

Our first real issue with new writers and illustrators will be out January 15th... Please check it out and tell your friends. Also we are open to any ideas or suggestions.

Happy New Year and we hope that everyone has a wonderful new year.


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