Sunday, January 3, 2010

Travel Tips by Wendy VanHatten

If you are wondering what to do with your stroller on the next flight, how much your luggage can weigh, or whether an infant seat is allowed...I have a great resource. Check out for all kinds of good info. They have easy-to-read charts in their Ultimate Guides to help travelers of all types.

Some things you might want to pack…
Bungee Cords have many uses. Use a short bungee cord to wrap around your pant cuffs to deter bugs and mosquitoes from going up your legs. This can be very useful especially in hot summer weather. Or use one to keep luggage together when your hands are full.

Pack a backpack for each child. Add some familiar things along with new items. Include games, toys, books, pajamas for long flights, and hard candy or gum.
To help make your child comfortable in several different hotels, pack his favorite pillow case. Cover the hotel’s pillow with this one and he will feel right at home.

Here are some airline tips…
The US Federal Aviation Administration prohibits children from sitting in the emergency aisles.
You can reserve bassinets that hook into the bulkhead wall for infants up to 6 months old (20 pounds) on a first come first serve basis.

The FAA suggests you dress your children in bright colored shirts so they are easy to spot. Point out airline employees as soon as you arrive so if your kids become separated from you they know who to go to for help.

Use an airline blanket as a catch-all for toys. Wedge one end under you or your child and tuck the other end into the seat pocket in front, forming a hammock. This will reduce the number of times you need to find a toy on the floor.

Visiting museums?
When visiting museums, head to the gift shop first. Buy postcards of the museum’s most famous works. Have the kids treasure hunt for these masterpieces.
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