Sunday, January 31, 2010

Xtreme Chase: Getting a Great Workout Playing With Your Kids

By: Guest Blogger, Luann Abrams

I am a nature fanatic and I make sure my son and I get outside every day to breathe some fresh air. But somedays it just doesn’t work to stay out very long. Today is a gloomy, rainy, cold winter day, and even my little guy, who is more like a mailman in that neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail will stop him, wants to stay in. And so we were off for a great game of Xtreme Chase.
Xtreme Chase, named because everything sounds more exciting with Xtreme at the beginning, is a fun way to get moving and playing with your kids. We just run back and forth down the hall or through the house chasing each other. If you are one of those fuddy-duddies who doesn't allow running in the house, well, put away the breakables and loosen up! Sound effects are highly encouraged and pretending to be various extinct animals adds a bit of flair for the younger kids; Playing some of your favorite tunes a little louder than normal can add some energy. But you can really turn it into a workout by adding a few sports conditioning moves as you race down the hall:
High Knees–Lift your knees up to hip-level as you bound after your little one

Butt Kicks–Hit your butt with your heels as you run. This is great hamstring (back of your thigh) strengthening.

Jumps–Just jump! But remember to land softly, which means you have to use your muscles to slow the momentum of your lowering body. Add some pillows that you have to jump over - a great way to tone your lower body.

Skip–I have no idea how to explain how to do it! If your child is younger, this is a great opportunity to work on this coordination skill.

Walking Lunges–Step forward with your first leg landing heel first. Lower body by bending both knees until back knee nearly touches the floor. Lift yourself up using both legs and step forward and repeat with the opposite leg.

Stairs–If you have stairs in your house, you have a built-in workout machine. Running up and down the stairs two-at-a-time, sideways, backwards, is great for firming the glutes. You may want to skip this with the younger kids until they are sure-footed.

Drop and Give Me...–Stopping throughout the chase to punch-out 10 push-ups or 10 crunches will ensure you get a full-body workout.

That should get you started on your first Xtreme Chase competition. When your child has completely worn you out, end your game with a few snuggles and some stretches. Be well and have fun!

Luann Abrams is a personal trainer who focuses on family fitness. She maintains her own blog,, to encourage family-fitness.


Anonymous said...

What fun ideas! I wish I'd read this when the kids were younger; now that they're much older, I just kick them out to hike with the dog. LOL!

Sandie lee said...

LOL. Well I'm sure the dog appreciates it :)

Thanks for stopping by C:


Betsy ( said...

Hi Sandie,
I'm a preschool teacher and all the research shows that kids learn better when they're exercising. I really have enjoyed looking through website!
By the way, tag! You're it!!

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