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Interview with Emily Geizer - Parenting Coach

Parenting is probably the hardest job you’ll ever have and, unfortunately, your little ones don’t come with an instruction manual. So where do you turn for help? Mom is a wealth of knowledge, but we’re living in a different time when her age-old advice may not work so well with our modern, techno-savvy kids.

Well don’t despair, I have great news. Emily Geizer, Mom, Writer and Parenting Coach of Child Perspective is here to help. Check out my interview with Emily below. In addition to this great interview, Emily will also be taking questions from you. Starting today through the 9th Emily will answer any/all your parenting questions and concerns. Just leave your question in the comments section of her Blog Spot or email them to me at; and I’ll be sure to forward them.

Don’t miss out. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

Now on to the interview...
1) Could you tell us a bit about yourself?
Sure. I'm a mother of two adorable and precocious children. Prior to having my second child, I was a Montessori preschool teacher. I taught in the classroom for nearly a decade. I've drawn on this combination of teaching and parenting to create the parent education business, Child Perspective. For the past year I have been writing parent education articles for Child Perspective, and just recently released this new course.

2) Tell us about your Parenting Course.
I'm so excited to have this course off the ground. A Crash Course in Mindful Parenting is just that. It's a crash course. It's a free, 12-lesson e-course chock full of really useful information for parents who want to truly understand their children and become better parents. It does not cover every parenting issue, but it does dive into many of the important aspects of mindful parenting - parenting from the heart. Basically, it’s for parents who care about the quality of family life and well-being of children.

3) How has the response been so far?
It's been excellent. I'm so grateful to the many supporters who have helped to spread the word.

4) Do you feel there's a greater need for parenting courses now than in the past? Why?
That's an interesting question. There are certainly more solutions being thrown at parents now than in the past. I think parents need support more than solutions. Rather than offering cookie cutter solutions, this course strives to help parents truly understand their own unique child. Once parents can grasp their child's perspective, parents will feel much more confident and effective as parents.
Parenting is not just instinctive or intuitive. Parenting is not one-size-fits-all either. Sometimes the on-the-job training is too little too late. Sometimes parents want to parent differently than how they were parented. All of this takes thought, reflection, and some training. This course (and my site, Child Perspective) addresses this need.

5) What are your course ideas based on?
My ideas are based on a very important and too often overlooked aspect of parenting, which is understanding your child's perspective. In fact, study after study has shown that understanding your child’s perspective has a bigger positive impact on children than most other things parents do. When you understand your child, you can parent from the heart.

6) Could you give our readers a sample of what your course offers?
In short, the course will spell out what mindful parenting is, help parents navigate common parenting struggles with ease and insight, teach how to set appropriate limits, introduce the classic 9 temperament traits for understanding children, discuss responsibility and respect, and give additional tips on how to adjust parenting to the changing times.

7) Do you do individual "counselling?"
I do a small amount of coaching right now. As my time frees up later this year, I will provide this service more.

8) Any plans for the future you can let us in on?
I'm really excited about some upcoming projects. I will continue creating courses for parents. The next course will spring off the very popular potty training series at Child Perspective. I will be offering an elaborate course on potty training. Potty training is one of those things that doesn't really feel necessary until you are staring the milestone in the face. Parents have been begging for a step-by-step class with some coaching along the way. I'll be offering that this spring.

9) Anything else you'd like to add?
I feel so grateful to be working with all of these fabulous parents. They are so inspiring!
Check out Emily's web site, Child Perspective at;


Dave Hunter said...


You mention potty training and preschool. What is the age range of your mindful parenting course? ◄Dave►

Emily Geizer said...

Mindfulness is a skill that is useful at all stages of parenting, so there isn't a pre-determined range. That being said, the course was created for my audience at Child Perspective, which is parents of children ages 0-8 years. While some of the examples that I site are based on younger kids, parents of older kids can apply it to their own circumstances.

Parents of older children sometimes forget how to really connect with their kids (connection is a huge part of mindfulness). Often parents of newborns and babies find it particularly easy to connect, leading to more mindfulness.

This course will be a good introduction for any parents looking to better understand their children, themselves, and thereby have a much easier time parenting.

Name: Holly Bowne said...

Parenting courses are so helpful, and since kids don't come with manuals it's so wonderful to have people like Emily passing along their expertise. Nice interview!

Sandie lee said...

Thanks Holly :)

LizAnn said...

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Yellow Tennessee said...

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Tuesday Tag- I am a follower!

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