Monday, March 22, 2010

New Look 2010 - Freshen Up Your Home's Fashion Wardrobe

By Linda Hunt

Every spring, we repeat the same ritual. We peer into our clothes closets and decide what to keep, what to toss and what to update with an accessory or two. This year, how about applying that very same idea to your home’s fashion? It is also a reflection of your unique style. Let’s concentrate our efforts on updating and accessorizing your interior décor for spring. The birds’ chirping that accompanies my daily walks affirms the welcome arrival of spring.

It is common knowledge that paint is an inexpensive, quick way to freshen up and add zing to your home’s interior with color. Keep in mind two things- balance of color in a room and where to apply that color. Decide the room’s main color and, as a rule of thumb, it should make up about 70% of that room. Think about painting only one or two walls or maybe apply a lighter tint of your main color to the ceiling. Some wood and concrete floors can be painted with the proper type of paint for a fun colorful look. That old tired dresser or table can sparkle with fresh paint and new knobs. There are lots of knobs to choose from online at places such as http://www.knobdepot/ pictured here. They are the “ jewelry” of furniture.

Pairing up different pieces of our wardrobe can give us a range of different outfit possibilities. Your home’s furnishings can benefit from the same approach. Decorators like myself bring a fresh set of eyes to remix and recreate what you currently have in your home. Your rooms are reborn before your eyes for just the cost of the consultation. What’s old can become new again as the saying goes! You too can do some “moving and shaking” for your home! Put a seldom- used living room lamp in the master bedroom or that small foyer table in the bathroom for a contrast of texture. This should get the ball rolling for you.

The final touches, the accessories, are the beautiful bows on home packages. Pillows are a logical start. Armed with the very latest seasonal color -turquoise - you can fast forward a room to Spring 2010 painlessly. Beautiful metal finishes are everywhere on fixtures, faucets and furniture. How about hanging a new bathroom towel bar or replacing your home’s switch plate covers with the newer decorative metal ones found at your local home decorating centers? Eye-catching, artistic vases and bottles saturated with color are showing up in trendy magazines. Get that look by purchasing inexpensive clay pots available in many shapes and sizes and paint them any color you desire- very chic and very budget-conscious. The whole idea here is to infuse high style and color in small doses for an update that will not break the budget.

Getting the interior you love is well within your grasp. Pair that with resolutions to eat healthy and live well in the new year and you have just what the doctor ordered for 2010!

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