Monday, March 1, 2010

Seven Simple Steps to Stay Organized this Spring

Check out these great tips By Jamie Novak

1. Everyday Essentials: sunny skies means you ad your family need your sunglasses, not to mention sunscreen and your a hat. Keep all these easily misplaced everyday essentials at your fingertips by designating a single basket near the front door as their “home.” Simply drop them in your way through the door and grab them on your way out.

2. Grab and Go Basket: stop making a mess of your kitchen cabinets trying to find a snack to take with you. Instead designate a single basket or drawer as the grab and go spot. Stock it with granola bars, chewing gum and single serve snacks. Next time you are heading out you can grab a snack without making a mess on pantry shelves.

3. Tote Bag: blue skies and warm temperatures means more outdoor time. Slip your “to-read” pile into a tote bag to grab as you head outdoors. Catch up on your reading in the park or while waiting to pick up a child from school.

4. Party in a Box: spring brings so many opportunities to entertain, from picnics to a BBQ’s company is coming! Simplify your party planning; keep a single box of party goods, serving platters, sno cone maker, extra glassware, plates, candles etc. That way you can find what you need when you need and you don’t take up valuable kitchen cabinet space for items not used everyday.

5. Makeup Cases: we tend to swap bags and purses more in the warm weather. From tote bag to beach bag to evening clutch. Make switching your items from bag to bag real simple using makeup cases and clear zip top baggies. Fill a few makeup cases or zip top baggies with the essentials like gum, pens, make-up, small packs of crayons and fast food or party bag toys (to keep kiddies happy), then just move only the cases you need from bag to bag.

6. Quick Cleaning Caddy: warm breezes blowing in makes us want to clear the clutter and dust away the dirt. Make cleaning even easier by placing all the commonly used supplies (multi purpose cleaner, sponge, lint roller, gloves etc) in a single carrying caddy that you can tote around with you so you have what you need. Oh and you can save even more time buy wearing an apron with pockets during your cleaning routine, slip supplies in the pockets and you’ll clean even faster.

7. Stop Throwing Money Away - turn clutter to cash, trash to treasure and save the planet while you’re at it Jamie’s newest book. The only book on organizing out there today covering how to make and save money, this is one you’ll actually read instead use as a paperweight for piles of clutter.

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