Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Check out Frittabello

Looking for a unique gift with a special meaning? Visit 'Frittabello.' The name may be unusual but the gifts are extraordinary. Here's what Jennifer Covello, owner/operator of Frittabello had to say:

You've probably been asked this a million times but...what is the significance behind "Frittabello"?
The name "frittabello" was inspired by son, Christopher. Christopher was learning how to say his first and last name together - Christopher Covello. At age 2, he could not fully pronounce it yet, so he called himself "fritta bello". To this day (to his dismay), I still sometimes call him "Fritta".

How did you start out doing baby products?
Initially, I was inspired to create the My Life baby journal. I had kept journals for both of my children since birth and loved re-reading my entries both to myself and to them. I wanted to bring this special "story" time to other parents. So I started writing the content for the journal. Not long after I started the business, I began to think of complementary products to the journal and so the "From the Heart" product line was launched in 2009. This line includes 100% organic baby layette apparel (bibs, hats, onesies), stationery and gift sets.

How long as Frittabello been established?
Frittabello was formed in January 2008.
What types of products do you carry?
My From the Heart Line, launched in 2009 includes 100% organic baby layette apparel (onesies, bibs and hats) that are custom embroidered with the Fritabello signature triple entwined hearts. There is also custom coordinated notecards, 100% recycled cotton mini totebag gift sets that includes a color coordinated onesie set and notecards, and a From the Heart memory box gift set that includes the entire line of From the Heart gifts and the My Life baby journal. All products are lovingly packaged and ready to give.
Are your products eco-friendly?
Yes. The From the Heart clothing is 100% organic, the mini totebag is made from 100% recycled cotton. All products are made in the USA.
Are you sold through retailers as well as online?
Yes. A number of retailers in Fairfield County, CT sell the My Life baby journal in their stores.
What is your biggest seller?
The My Life baby journal is the biggest seller. Customers who have purchased this see it as a unique gift and something the expectant parent will always treasure and be able to one day share with their child. The fact that aspects of the design and the content were inspired by angelic messages and visions I received while developing it make it all the more unique. It also won a Bronze publishing award from Living Now in 2009.

Do you have a mailing list?
I do. People can go to my website and join my mailing list to receive my newsletter, information about upcoming events, and my blog.
Anything else you'd like to add?
Frittabello was created and inspired by my angels - both here on earth and in heaven. Each product has a story behind it and a special meaning. Our products are designed to bring angels into people's lives and to inspire.

Check out Frittabello at;
Pictures by: Nicole Taylor Photography


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