Monday, April 5, 2010

The Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger Award

Wow! I'm thrilled that I was thought of my Elizabeth Varadan to receive the "Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger Award" Check out Elizabeth's Blog at; It's a great site with much to offer.

Now as per the rules of receiver, I must pass this on to 5 other Bloggers and also tell 10 things about myself. So first my five top picks (and this was tough, believe me) are;

Crystal's Bookmark- she's an aspiring children's writer and I've been/still am there.

Juliana at A Blonde Walks into a Blog; - Love her sense of humour and style.

Miss Mouse at; just a unique and fun Blog.

Omar at Random Nothingness; - Cool guy

Holly Reisem Hanna at; - Excellent Blog Content

Now 10 little know things about me; hmmmm...

1) I consider myself a 'Professional Blogger' perhaps because there really is no such thing (at least I think not)

2) I love making people laugh

3) I make cards for all occassions

4) I'd rather shop at the dollar store then Maceys

5) So I guess I'm cheap (see number 4)

6) I love a challenge and will embrace the effort

7) I'm critter-crazy -all animals all the time

8) The guys from Rescue Ink are my heroes (see number 7)

9) I LOVE Blogging and wish I could make a living at it

10) I spend way too much time on the computer (see number 9)

So that's it. Thanks Elizabeth and to all my 'Pay-it-forwards" enjoy :)


Unknown said...

I started a blog too called It's Never Too Late! about how I am starting to realize my childhood dream at the age of 64, (I actually began at the age of 63), I'm 64 now. I am hoping it will encourage other older adults to pursue theirs. I too would like to make a living blogging. It is a lot more fun than doing research for articles. You can find it at

Unknown said...

I hope that blog address was right. I can't check it on the public computer.

Sandie lee said...

Thanks for stopping by. Unfortunately, I couldn't connect to your blog link. Try again and I will check it out :)

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