Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rescue Ink - Review

More than 1700 pounds of muscle and over 80 tattoos, equals a group of formable guys all working for the same cause – to rescue helpless, abandoned and abused animals. They’re Rescue Ink and you better not mess with them.

“Abusers are Losers” is their motto. From herding chickens, to finding stolen pets to bringing awareness to the ugliest of animal abuse, these guys are a rag-tagged team of machismo and huge hearts.

Rescue Ink’s approach is a simple one – they act on tips from concerned neighbours and strangers, often times helping when no other organization would bother. They’re rescued pit bulls from fighting rings, helped a woman vaccinate and relocate over 180 cats she had living in her house and saved horses from slaughter.

Read about these unsung heroes in Rescue Ink (the book), where you’ll learn more of the back grounds on; Joe, Johnny, O, Batso, Big Ant, G, Angel, Eric, Des, Bruce, and Robert. Their stories may surprise you, but their love, gentleness and caring for all creatures will make you fall in love with them. I know I did.

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