Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cougar Cub Tales The Sneezy Wheezy Day

Nobody likes to get the sniffles, so when brother cub starts to feel ill his sister takes him to all their forest friends for a cure.  However, after all the good-hearted critters fail to provide brother cub with anything helpful, sister comes up with a plan.  What is it?  Find out in The Sneezy Wheezy Day by Sharon Cramer.

The Sneezy Wheezy Day is a delightful, poetic tale of how love always prevails.  Cramer takes an ordinary, everyday occurrence and turns it into a fun and adventurous story.  The illustrations also done by Cramer are simply beautiful - magical, bright and bold - the picture of the cubs journey to see Grizzley Old Bear is my absolute favorite!

This book is a must have for any child's library and will be especially helpful when the nasty flu bug makes it's appearance.

Check out The Sneezy Wheezy Day by Sharon Cramer today, there's a free download available on Amazon for a limited time (see sidebar logo for details).


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