Monday, January 16, 2012

Courage to Change - Week One

I was given the book, Courage to Change 12 Weeks to Physical and Spiritual Excellence by Brian Wellbrock to review.  I thought...I could do a regular review - read it and comment - but why not REALLY read and put into practice the wonderful advice this book as to offer?

So that's what I'm doing.  For the next twelve weeks (everyday Sunday) I will post what I've learned and how it is affecting my life.  So here we go...

This week (week one) I have been reminded of the love God has for me and how I need to pay more attention to His Love Notes to me.  Upon Reflection I was given the opportunity to write down those gentle reminders of God's love - it really helps!

Next I moved into the 5 areas that are most neglected by people;

~  Thankfulness
~  Courage
~  Enthusiasm
~  Motivation
~  Inspiration

Here I was reminded of all of these important principles and once again given the opportunity (with pointed questions) to reflect on how these points work in my own life.

Next I moved into the "TAP" Principle; Spiritual alignment:  Keeping your thoughts, attitudes, and performance (TAP) in alignment with God's.  This guide was most helpful to me.  I learned I need to be more "tuned" in to my negativity so I can immediately put a stop to it.

To wrap up the week I was given pages of "I Am Declarations."  These are internal quotes that we tell ourselves - all negative and all destructive lies - to combat these we are shown scriptural quotes that show us we are valuable and loved.

So far this week, this book as already made a difference.  I was able to keep my faith active even though I still struggle with negative thoughts.  Tune in next Sunday for my progress report on Week 2

.Courage to Change: 12 Weeks to Physical and Spiritual Excellence


momto8 said...

sounds like a great book! the neglected areas are something everyone could work on!

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