Sunday, January 29, 2012

Courage to Change - Week Two

Week two in Courage to Change deals with Commitment & Forgiveness - two powerful aspects in all our lives. 

I also learned about the ASK principle - Aaccountability, Support, Knowledge.  Being accountable to myself and responsible to carry through with my decisions for better health, supporting my decision to do so and gaining the knowledge - not only physical knowledge - but humility, wisdom, and understanding
= knowledge. 

To wrap up week two I also learned about Forgiveness - which for me is a big thing - do you ever find yourself struggling with forgiving someone?  I learned that not only is forgiving someone else important, but forgiving ourselves is crucial.  How can we move forward if we are constantly sabotaging our our efforts from the residue of past failures?  Forgive and move forward!

The final section is a signed commitment to not just TRY but to DO what we have set out to accomplish.  Using Christ's commitment by sacrificing himself on the cross as an example of true commitment I move forward into week three.

Check out Courage to Change by Brian Wellbrock


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