Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Interview with Author Debi Toporoff

You've enjoyed the tidbits of her darling books, now learn about the woman behind them, Debi Toporoff.  Check out what she had to say about her books and the life of writing.

When and what book did you first get published?
2004 OOPS! Wrong Family

How did the character Roscoe come about?
I was trying to tame a wild cat in my back yard but ended up taming a possum instead so several of us came up with various names but Roscoe just seemed to fit the possum just fine.

Do you do other genres other than kids books?
yes , I have three teen / young adult / adult books out.
OOPS! Wrong Family / When God Came Down and UH! OH! God Coming through

Do you feel your books are touching lives?
Yes, some will make you laugh, cry and get mad such as OOPS! Wrong Family but this book has changed more lives than any of the others because it meets a person where their heart is and God does the rest.

The children's books are character building books as well as entertaining.  Kids see a different world as they see the books written in English / Spanish as well as 3D.
Just because a child may not know a language doesn't mean that the child can't read and it challenges the young ones to think outside the box.

What's the greatest moment you've had as a writer?
It's when a person comes and says how a book has changed their life and say that God has blessed me as one of His authors.  To watch God work in peoples lives because of something He has given me to share with others is a great privilege.

Anything you'd like to write about that you haven't yet?
Yes.  Bible Studies and I had fun working on a story of Herbie the Dung Beetle and doing a Bumplepedia with a word search.  I really like making up word searches.

What has been your biggest challenge as and author?
Marketing! Marketing! Marketing!

Anything you'd like to add?
Yes, Thank you so much for the opportunity of allowing me a piece of you time and yourself.  We need good wholesome reading and activities for today's youth-- they grow up soon enough--let them be kids as long as possible-- parents take time to read with your kids and tell them you love them, then give them a big hug as you say prayers at night and tuck them into bed. 

To see more of Debi's work visit her web site at;


Laura S Reading said...

Very good questions. I enjoy getting to know the people behind the stories.

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