Friday, April 13, 2012

The World’s Nose Expert ‘Knows About Noses’ And Her Advice Can Help Keep Us Healthier

Did you know that a nose has the power to change our entire consciousness and mood in a single second? Dr. Hana Solomon’s book, Clearing the Air One Nose at a Time, is a virtual owner’s manual for the nose. It shows how many health problems can be eliminated for adults and children by daily nasal washing alone – eliminating constant medications, which can often be harmful. “The nose is our personal filter that needs to be cleaned out daily so that many of life’s ‘issues’ can be eliminated,” says Dr. Hana.

With so many people suffering from allergies and everyday sicknesses, this timely information could assist in their efforts to improve their health and that of their families.

Check out these videos and see how Nasopure could help you and your family;


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