Thursday, May 31, 2012

10 Advantages for Nannies to Watch Kids in Their Own Home

Hiring someone to come into your home and work for you on a daily basis can be rather stressful. It takes on a whole new level of stress, however, when that you want that person to also become, in a way, a part of your family by being a nanny to your children. There is a large amount of trust and respect needed on both sides in order for such a relationship to work. Despite that added stress, having a nanny to watch your kids at home can make an enormous impact on your life in positive ways. Here are a few advantages.
  1. Stability – Your children will have consistency in their environment. They will not need to get up and get dressed to go to day care or some other place. You have peace of mind knowing that the rules they are following are the house rules, and they remain the same whether you are there or not, creating a more stable environment for your children.
  2. Better health – Since your children will not be in a day care surrounded by other children, they won’t be subjected to the germs that are making their rounds through the schools. Cutting down on the germs and viruses your kids are exposed to means they will have better health.
  3. Monitoring meals – You know what foods are in your cupboards because you purchased it. This also means you can leave menus for the nanny to follow or you can have her prepare meals on her own. Either way, since you bought the food for the home, you know what your children are eating. This can be especially crucial if there are certain food restrictions for your kids.
  4. No late fees – If your children were in day care any time you needed a few extra minutes before picking them up you would end up paying late fees. These fees can be end up adding up quickly and being quite prohibitive. This usually isn’t an issue when you have a nanny, especially if you have made arrangements in advance for the occasional late arrival.
  5. Sick time – Should your kids get sick, you don’t have to haul them out of the house and you don’t have to worry about taking time off. Having a nanny in the house means that they can get the care they need and remain comfortably at home.
  6. Flexibility – Having a flexible schedule is a significant perk for you if this is included in the contract or you talk to your nanny about it. She might be willing to come in early some days or stay late every now and then while you and your spouse have a date night, or in the event that you need to work late, she might be able to extend her working hours for the day.
  7. Additional help – You nanny may provide additional help for you if it has been previously discussed or is part of the contract. She may do the kids’ laundry or help them with school work or other tasks. This is a substantial plus to having someone take care of your children in their own home.
  8. Access – Sometimes it’s gratifying to be home with the kids, but not have to constantly watch them. With a nanny in the home you get to spend time with your children when you want, but you get to be alone when you need time away. You also don’t need to interrupt your quality time with your kids to take care of meals or other things if it is part of the nanny’s duties.
  9. Less stress – Knowing where your kids are and how they are doing provides peace of mind. If you and your kids like the nanny and trust her, then you can rest assured knowing your kids are in capable hands and a good environment because they are at home with someone you all trust.
  10. Convenience – Having a nanny take care of the kids at home is such an enormous convenience on so many levels. You know where your kids are; you know exactly who their playmates are; you know their schedule; you know everything you need or want to know about your children. When you’re finished with work, you don’t have to go anywhere but home and your kids are there waiting for you.
When you have a nanny who is keeping your kids for you at home, you have peace of mind. You have immediate access to your children and your children have the comfort of familiar surroundings.

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