Sunday, September 30, 2012

If I Had as Many Grandchildren As You...

I recently came across a wonderful book that every grandparent and parent will want to add to their library.  It's called; If I Had as Many Grandchildren As You...

This book takes your young reader/listener on a journey of the imagination.  It starts off simply in the backyard of "Pops," where he encounters a shaggy maned lion named, Grand Paws.

Grand Paws speaks for the young and begins to tell Pops where he would take all his grandchildren - this is where to book gets wonderfully magical.

The lion and the listener will visit places such as beaches where magical castles and horses are played with, then on to where unicorns can soar; Egypt, Africa Yukon and more.  So many places in so little time.

If I Had as Many Grandchildren As You... by Lori Stewart is one of the best children's picture books to come out in a long time.  Its flowing rhyme and rhythm trips easily off the tongue and the unique photographs are like none I've ever seen.  Simply Fabulous!

This is one book you're going to want to share with generations of little ones!

Check out, If I Had as Many Grandchildren As You... at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or where ever fine book are sold.


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