Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rangoli ~ An Indian Art Activity Book

I have recently been introduced to a fun thing called 'Rangoli.'

What is Rangoli?  Great question; 

"Rangoli is a special drawing done on the ground by the front door
of a home or building as a warm welcome for visitors.  It's often made
from rice flour or crushed stone powder.  Color is added to make the
designs stand out.  Besides colored rice, sand, or powders,
the color can come from spices, seeds, or even flower petals. 
This makes the designs really pop!"
                                                             [excerpt from Rangoli An Indian Art Activity Book]
Rangoli An Indian Art Activity Book by Suma O'Farrell, teaches your young artist about this traditional art form and also let's them try their hand at creating their own Rangoli.
The book takes your child step-by-step using easy, connect-the-dot style templates to create wonderful works of art.  Children can do these designs on paper, sidewalks or anyplace their hearts desire. 
This book is sure to entertain and educate generations to come and is must-have for any home library.  For more information on this creative book, check out;


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