Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Barking Good Time in France


Calling all puppies, lap dogs, and faithful companions. It’s time to travel the world!
Chula the Sheltie is inspiring a generation of canines to explore the globe in her latest book, Dog Trots Globe--To Paris and Provence (A Sheltie Goes to France). Translated by her wonderful human, Sheron Long, Chula shares her exciting adventures in French culture.

For two months, Chula lived in France with her loving humans. Part travelogue and part dog memoir, Dog Trots Globe is a treat for Francophiles, dog lovers, and armchair travelers. With her delightful, doggy prose, Chula invites everyone to fall in love with France.

From riding in a plane for the first time to running through the lavender fields of Provence, Chula explores France with a dog’s-eye view. But this book is not black and white. It is full of vibrant and humorous photos documenting Chula’s adventures—the good (Croissants, bistros, and doggy waiters? Yum!) and the bad (What happens when a Shetland Sheepdog encounters 3,000 sheep?).
Many humans are already falling in love with Chula’s chronicled adventures. “[It’s] the kind of book you curl up with in your favorite chair to read on a miserable, rainy day,” says Pamela Weber of A Traveler’s Library.

Funny and informational, Dog Trots Globe is opening the world of pet travel to a wider demographic. “You'll find lots of beautiful photographs and recommendations of dog-friendly places and spaces,”says one reader.

With Sheron and Chula’s advice, owners will be empowered to experience the joy of bringing their faithful companion on their next vacation. What could potentially be a nightmare turns into a fun and fulfilling experience. Nothing is better than sharing your travels with the people or animals you love.
If your paws are itching to “trot the globe” as well, Sheron has some great advice that you should pass on to your owner:
  • Prepare for paperwork. Research thoroughly to ensure your puppy isn’t left stranded in customs.
  • Make sure you buy an appropriately sized carrier.
  • Pack enough water and food for the plane ride.
  • Research pet friendly accommodations for when you arrive.
  • And, prepare for lots of fun!
Sheron Long is the owner of the adventurous Chula. A bona fide Francophile, Long has visited Paris and Provence dozens of times. Eager to share her love of France with everyone, person or animal, Long took Chula along on one of her visits. Now, Long is an expert in traveling with a pet. For more information visit the Dog Trots Globe page on the OIC Books website. Or, to interact with Chula directly, visit her on FaceBook, Chula WulaClick here to purchase this awesome book!


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