Saturday, November 10, 2012

Orbee-Tuff Twinkle

If you haven't discovered Planet Dog then you and your 'best friend' are missing out. 
Just in time for the holiday season, Planet Dog's new line of Twinkle Orbee-Tuff Bones are the perfect toy for your puppy or adult dog - offered in translucent red (in honor of Christmas) and translucent blue (in honor Hanukkah), Twinkle will glimmer, shimmer and shine through the holidays and beyond.

As like all Planet Dog products, the Orbee-Tuff Bone is non-toxic and made in the USA. It is also extremely durable, bouncy, buoyant, recyclable and even mint-scented and 100% guaranteed.  The Orbee-Tuff also comes in four sizes; x-small (3 ½”); small (5”); medium (6 ½”); and large (8”).

Planet Dog is one of, if not, the best company for all your canine needs.  They're not only innovative, but they stand for a lot more than just profit margins.  Check out their mission statement;

Our mission is to amuse, explore, support, innovate, create, educate, celebrate and philanthropate... all in the name of the dog. We "romp the romp" by providing financial resources to those in need, educating consumers about canine-related issues, creating an array of non-toxic and recyclable products, and keeping the tails of "our pack" wagging.

Planet Dog’s flagship initiative is the Planet Dog Foundation. Since 2012, PDF has donated more than $800,000 in cash and product donations. Our internal mantra of "think globally, act doggedly," keeps us focused on the higher cause of why we entered this industry...wagging, drooling, sniffing, snuggling, howling, romping dogs.

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