Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Adventures of Lisbeth

Remember to Say Thank You

 Lisbeth was born in South America where everyone speaks Spanish, but her parents soon move to the Caribbean.  Lisbeth grows up and finds many fun things to do on her tropical island.  One day Lisbeth and her parents go to the beach where she builds sandcastles and plays with her friend Mark. 
Along with the help of Mark's puppy, the young duo find some awesome treasures buried in the sand that will be an amazing lesson to all young readers or listeners - to always say thank you.
The Adventures of Lisbeth Book # 1 Remember to Say Thank You by Liesel F. Daisley is a wonderful and unique way for children to learn about manners.  The life-like illustrations by Omni Illustrations is the perfect blend, making this an exciting and fun-filled adventure.

In addition, this book also translates the English text into Spanish!

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