Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pewter Angels ~ A Review

Fifteen year-old Henry is a simple kid, but when he catches a glimpse of Jenny walking towards the country store his life changes forever.

Jenny just moved in down the road from Henry and he is instantly struck by her beauty and poise.  Henry jumps on his bike and follows Jenny to Mr. Engelmann's store where he blunders and trips.  Mr. Engelmann's kind nature and gentle personality helps the two and soon Henry finds himself, not only in love, but employed - Mr. Englemann is aging with a sick wife, so Henry feels he should help out after school and on weekends.  Little does he or Mr. Engelmann know this is about to have a very profound effect on the whole town.

Do you believe in guardian angels?  Pewter Angels is a must-read book about young love and self-discovery.  The author, Henry Ripllinger, has woven his own real-life experiences into a thought-provoking and magical tale.

This is one of the best books I've read this year - and I read a lot!  I can't wait until book two comes out.  Will Jenny and Henry find their way back to each other after Jenny's parents rip them apart?

Bravo to Ripplinger for weaving a story that not only speaks to the heart, but speaks to our very souls.

Check out Henry Ripplingers web site for more information on Pewter Angels and his other works of art and literature.


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