Friday, July 19, 2013

Another Angel of Love ~ Book Two in the Angelic Letter Series

Jenny and Henry continue on their separate journeys through life.  Henry is soon graduating from high school and still carries his love for Jenny.  But will there be another to take her place?  Henry is reluctant to date, but with not a peep from Jenny in years he knows he must move on.

Jenny on the other hand has found a new boyfriend, but can he really take the place of Henry in her heart and soul?  James is a lot like Henry, but not where it really counts - the way he treats Jenny.  Sure James will have money and a bright future, but to what cost?

Find out in the continuing saga of book two in the Angelic Letter Series; Another Angel of Love. 

Based on true events of the author, Henry Ripplinger, this book is a wonderful and inspirational read.  Ripplinger not only weaves a wonderful love story packed full of page-turning drama, but he reminds the reader what life is really all about - our relationship with God.

Grab the second installment of this fabulous series, Another Angel to Love, on Amazon or visit the authors web site at;


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