Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bumples Needs a Kickstart!

Who is Miss Bumples?
Blue skinned, Miss Bumples flew in from Mars two decades ago. She can speak any language including dog, chicken, giraffe, caterpillar and people which is handy for a character in children’s literature.
She gathered animals from all over the world and built the town called Bumpleville.
Why Bumple Games
Yes there are a lot of games on the web and no question they are good. But, we feel that we can continue to offer unusual games. Our members have asked us for more games. There will be the popular games but always with a twist.
  • 4 issues a year with 6 new and exciting games, plus sub-games.
  • Each game will have an easy version and a harder version.
  • Go to 6 special animal homes in Bumpleville to play a game. (For instance, to play a sports game you will go to Griffy Giraffe’s home.) 
  • Every child will become a Bumples, receive a letter from a Bumple animal and a page to color
  • Subscribing to the games also allows you to read the magazines.
Hidden Objects: Everyone loves the hidden object games but how about an element of surprise when you find an object. You might be taken to a strange place and have to solve a mystery to get back to the hidden objects.
In the first game, match the animal parts, find their homes, listen to them and feed them.
Maze: Enter the maze at your peril. Touch a line and start over again or maybe you are taken to another place. Miss Bumples is full of surprises.
The first game is easy as you go to 4 different animals. Bugsy Bunny takes you down a hole. Ally Alligator takes you underwater and Casey Cardinal up in the air. Miss Bumples is not telling where she will take you. To get back you will have to catch food or monsters.
Building: We love to build or make things like airplanes ( we did that in one issue of the magazine). or help Chicky Dickey’s cook. All projects will start from scratch, find the materials and put them together.
The first house you will build is Henrietta Hippo’s home and beauty shop. After building the home, help her make her beauty supplies.
Sports: The Bumpleville animals love sports so we will include sports games. Either the child can join the Bumpleville animals in a sports game or play a game with children.
The first sport is soccer. You can join either Griffy Giraffe or Katie Caterpillar’s team.

Word Games: Word & hangman games have been played for years, but we take the games to a different level Win or lose you will laugh at some of the games Some correct words will take you to the next level to other word or math games.
In the first hangman game, if you guess the wrong letter, watch what happens to the boy.
Jigsaw puzzles: Who doesn’t love a good jigsaw puzzle. After finishing a puzzle, one of the pieces will take you to another game. They will be different from other games and full of surprises. Miss Bumples would love to take you to Mars and meet her family. She has a special language and you can learn how to read it.
In the first game you will make the puzzle and then Miss Bumples will take you to a special place for an unusual game. She’s not talking, so sign up and join the fun!


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