Thursday, December 17, 2009

On the 8th Day Til Christmas...

Wii Family Football

TECMO® (video game developer and publisher) has done it again – Come out with another family-friendly game. It’s called Family Fun Football and it’s sure to have the kids and probably even Dad hooting with laughter.
And even if you’re not a big football fan (like me), this game is simple enough to pick up on, yet offers the right amount of depth for those die-hard ‘football fanatics’ in your home.

Before you start the actual game you get to choose from 8 wacky teams that all come with their own strengths on the field.

• Monkeys – fun & quick
• Gearheads – crushing offense
• Pride – rough and tough
• Predators – can sense fear
• Warts – quick reflexes/strong players
• Quasars – from another planet
• Toros – speed/strength
• Tuskers – unstoppable defensive line

And if you play well two additional teams are unlocked. Want to know who they are? You’ll have to play Family Fun Football to find out.

In addition, you can also choose where you play;

• Shoulderpad Stadium – traditional where history comes alive
• Blast Field – expect the unexpected
• Temple Bowl – a shrine
• Tecmodome – state of the art full of glitz
• Moon Rock Field – Outer reaches of Space

If this isn’t enough fun, you can even play Minigames that offer quick, accessible, frenetic action for the whole family. Plus, each Minigame comes with its own set of wacky rules and game-play.

For more information, check out Family Fun Football’s cool web site at;


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