Wednesday, December 16, 2009

On the 9th Day Til Christmas...

Return to Sawyerton Springs

The quirkiness of a small town is brought to life among the pages of ‘Return to Sawyerton Springs.’ Based on Andy Andrews real life, this book draws you into a what a small community is really like. Even though it’s based in a small town, you don’t have to be from one in order to appreciate the story behind Sawyerton Springs….

…”It is a place where the paper comes out once a week, and everyone already know what’s in it. When the pastor speaks on Sunday morning, his congregation already knows what he will say. As the children bring home their report cards, the parents already know their grades. This is a place of character and love and memories. Good memories…”

Whether it’s the idiosyncrasies of the town folk, or the way in which a small town newspaper and businesses are run, Andrews humour and love for this town is prevalent throughout. I found myself at least smiling if not laughing out loud several times. This book will even have you reflecting back on your own childhood – Halloween fun, fears of staying alone for the first time, camping, ghost stories and strange neighbours, it has it all.

In addition to a great read, ‘Return to Sawyerton Springs,’ also has a ‘Readers Guide’ at the very back, with general questions on every chapter. This is perfect for book clubs or even for further personal reflection.

Return to Sawyerton Springs by Andy Andrews is available at all major bookstores or on any electronic location.


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