Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vultures in the Cemetery - Review

We probably all view the cemetery as a creepy place, but for one group of animals, they just call it home. However, when a young chipmunk finds himself in the midst of the strange, red-headed birds called vultures, he has a hard time keeping his opinions to himself.

“…"They are so mangy and ugly,” Little Chipmunk said, as he watched the vultures soar through the trees…”

Mother chipmunk learns of her sons hurtful words and plans a lesson that may just put the creepy back into the quiet cemetery.

Dr. P.J. Nickels’ clever way of weaving fact and fiction is once again seen in the ‘Vultures in the Cemetery.’ Written for ages 4- 10, this book contains many “teachable moments” where parents can help a child learn and grow in a fun and entertaining way.

Remember…”Teaching Done Right, All Children Can Learn”

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