Friday, February 19, 2010

Nuni of Nunivak Island, A New Friend - Review

Nuni is a quiet, sensitive child that cares for the company of her beautiful hand-made doll over other children. But when an unfortunate accident takes her doll-friend away, Nuni is desperate to find it. In her sadness a secret of the island is revealed to only her as an unlikely group of new friends come to her aid.

Dr. P.J Nickels book ‘Nuni of Nunivak Island, A New Friend, is sure to be a favourite on your child’s book shelf. This book isn’t only a great adventure it also will introduce your young reader to the Alaskan Nunivak Island, its people, customs and animals. In addition, Nickels also cleverly weaves the Cup’ig language throughout the story, giving it an authentic feel. The soft, muted illustrations by Juliann Kaiser will help fuel your child’s imagination as they enjoy the journey with Nuni and her friends.

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