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What's LoobaLee?

LoobaLee is the Premier Venue for Buying and Selling Kids Clothing; Check out my interview with Suzanne from (

Could you tell us about How does it work?
I’d love to! is a new site for buying and selling quality children’s clothing -- both resale (e.g. Mom to Mom) and overstocks (from designers and boutiques). The site is fully customized for kids’ clothing, accessories, and footwear. For example, we have over 1,000 designer names on our search and listing menus, and we’re adding more all the time.
At this time, the site is open to the USA Market, but we are planning to expand to other countries, like Canada and Australia/New Zealand.

Shopping for kids apparel on the site is similar to retail. All listings look the same and contain the same details. We even offer a common return policy (defined by a focus group of Mom buyers & sellers). No membership is required to make purchases, and most sellers accept credit cards.

Selling kids clothes on the site is based on a simple, low, flat rate monthly fee for unlimited listings. It’s only $2.50 - $3.99/mo., depending on your subscription plan. This is about the cost of a latte! You will easily give away this much if you sold just 1-3 items at a brick and mortar consignment store or on eBay. You can buy a full year subscription on LoobaLee for just $29.99, which is about the same as an entry fee for a seasonal Consignment sale.

Moms love our site for its simplicity. We work hard to take the time, risk, and complexity out of buying and selling for busy Moms. We want Moms to experience the rewards of shopping for and selling one-of-a-kind items, and enjoy the process at the same time.

Designers & boutiques love our site because we hold children’s clothing in high regard, and we have an easy to manage back-end. Through our listing menus, we manage the quality of listings on the site overall, which is appealing for these businesses. You won’t find inauthentic, spam, or junk listings on the site – period.

How/when did you get started?
It all started 10 years ago when I had my first daughter and became an avid eBay shopper of kids’ clothes, and then a seller. As eBay got larger and more complex, it seemed that both shopping and selling on the site got more difficult. As a full-time working mother, my interest lulled because I didn’t have time to watch auctions, fuss over my listings to make them competitive, or even shop among a sea of inauthentic, uninteresting, or complicated listings.

I could envision a much easier approach that minimized risk, simplified both buying & selling, and made things fun again. When we embarked on the journey, at the time there was simple auction-site application software available, but it didn’t do the trick. All you could do with it was claim a niche and put a new ‘look’ on the same old problems.

So we set out to create a new model that solved problems people were having on the auction and classified sites. I like to say LoobaLee is “the best of all worlds”. We took our favorite aspects auction, retail, consignment, and classifieds to define LoobaLee. You’ll find a lot of welcome surprises.

Any significance behind the name?
Originally, I wanted to name the site after my eldest daughter’s first doll, “Loobi”. We obtained the domain name, but ran into issues with trademarking and keyword association. Finding a new name that was available, could be trademarked, and had personality was a lengthy, sometimes frustrating process. But, we finally secured “LoobaLee”, and it was worth it.

Do you have any tips for our readers?
We actually have so many tips, that we created a blog for sharing them. It’s called the “Daily Jubilee”, and is always accessible from our home page. The blog focuses on our mantra, “Buy right, care right, and sell right”.

This came to me after I found I could dress my kids for a lot less if I bought (and re-sold) quality & designer clothing, vs. being lured into the shopping the superstores. I was practically dressing them for free! So, I wanted to share approach with our customers too.

Think outfitting your children as a process, vs. a series of purchasing events. By making good buying decisions and selling on a timely basis… your overall costs can be less than shopping at Target, Walmart, Kohls, etc. Quality children’s clothing holds its value and can be passed on several times. Even after it can no longer be sold on resale, quality children’s styles still make welcome charitable donations.

Anything else you'd like to add?
There are so many nice surprises you’ll find on LoobaLee that I’d love for you stop by and give it a try. You won’t be disappointed. It may be a while before we reach a tipping point with our traffic and listings… so we also offer an “unbeatable guarantee” to our Sellers making listing risk-free.
And you can help us grow just by shopping on LoobaLee too. Bookmark our site and make it a regular stop on your on-line shopping travels.

I appreciate the opportunity to do this interview, and I’d like to compliment you and your readers with a trial subscription. Just leave a comment below before February 26th, 2010, and we’ll contact you about setting up your free 2 month trial subscription.

Note: USA residents only


Suzanne Rielle said...

Hi Sandie Lee,

Thank you ver much for the interview! I'm anxious to see your readers on LoobaLee! Spring is coming and its one of the best times all year to buy/sell kids clothing resale online.

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