Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Laceyville Monkeys - Say the Right Words

It’s the eve of the big talent contest in Laceyville and the monkeys are ready. Their owner and trainer Ms. Hepzibah Mott has taught her monkeys well – Eva the ballerina, dances with grace, Sheva sings sweet opera, and Keva the gymnast tumbles with skill.

In fact, these little monkeys are so talented that old Granny Scott decides to show them off herself. She sneaks them out while Ms. Hepzibah naps, but when she orders them to perform she soon finds out her unkind words have an embarrassing effect.

The Laceyville Monkeys – Say the Right Words by Harriet Ruderman is a wonderful and gentle reminder that our words have effect on others. This book is written in rhyme and perfect for your little ones. The bright illustrations by Beverly Luria, draws your eye over the page and only adds to the fast-paced story.

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D.M.Cunningham said...

Sounds very cute. Always looking for new books for my daughter.

Sandie lee said...

It's a great read with a timeless lesson. Check it out :)

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