Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What Does Your Name Smell Like?

This may sound like an odd question. But how fun would it be to know?

Scent of a Name by Rosemary’s Potporri Products is your way to find out. They start by researching the meaning behind your name. Then, “a fragrance word association process is used to create a scent just for you.” Plus, they also put your name right on the bottle – the way you spell it. Scent of a Name fragrances are fun, natural oil blends of fruit, floral and spice, with a twist of retro (exact formulations are trade secret). And no, they don’t all smell the same!

Scent of a Name makes a perfect gift for;
• Holidays
• Birthdays
• Bride’s Maids
• Shower Gifts
• Or any other occasion

In addition to perfume, Scent of a Name also carries lotion, shampoo, and body wash for both girls and boys - so you're little guy won't feel left out. And if you want, you can get them in a tin or basket.

Rosemary’s Potporri Products is a manufacturer of fine quality Essential and Fragranced products. With over two decades of experience in the fragrance industry, they are able to custom blend products to meet your needs.

To learn how to say it with fragrance, visit their web site at;


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