Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Aug-Sept Bumple issue

  1. More wonderful stories to read and brand new games to play and replay.  Don't forget Bumplepedia for facts to learn about.  You can listen to the poems, read them or do both.  Lots of interaction to watch.
Toothless Joe written by Patricia McMillan.  A shark without teeth.  That can't be true.  What does he do about his problem  Learn about sharks and play fish lotto.
Ten Little Bunnies written by Maria Gianferrar.  Who doesn't like petting bunnies.  A wonderful poem and narrated by my niece Katie. Color the 10 bunnies after reading about bunnies.
Lost in the Maze written by Michele Manning.  Have you ever seen a corn field and wanted to walk in it.  This story is about boys and the fear of getting lost.  How do they get out.  The facts about mazes show that mazes have been around for a long time.  Yes we have a maze game and it is tough.  Don't touch a line.
A Surprise for Robbie written by MaryAnn Diorio.  I fell in love with this story because, I have a dog that I saved called Olie.  This story is about  a child's loss and the joy of  getting a new dog.  Then read about dogs in shelters and how many need a home.  The game is a word search.
Vincent van Dough written by Cheryl Weibye Wilke.  A child  cleans out the fridge & makes one super sandwich.  Yummy and fun.  Again listen to the narration by Katie. Next you can make your own sandwich and let your imagination taste it. Wonderful poem.
Dewey Builds a ? written by me.  Dewey is a Bumple and also a messy duck with a junk yard.  He loves to build things.  This month help him build a ?  You actually move the parts and finish the object.  Then watch him get in and test it with his friends. Facts are about row boats. Just a clue.

Go to Bumples Com and let your child try the magazine. I am sure that they will have a lot of fun and learn something also.


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