Thursday, October 13, 2011

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Dreaming and using your imagination is such an important part of life for a child, and even for an adult. Besides being relaxing, reading allows your mind to think, imagine and dream. Hopefully, the stories that we select for Bumples lets a child do that. After reading the story they can read Bumplepedia facts and then play a game. All the games are designed around the story.

In today’s busy world, when was the last time that your child played alone reading and dreaming. Can they be by themselves and keep themselves happily occupied.  The development of every child is so important.  Don't get me wrong, playing with their friends and playing sports is also very important. But, I have seen too many children that can’t be alone. They are anxious and afraid. Turn off the television and let them dream and imagine.

I was a lucky child. I lived on a small farm with sheep, dogs and chickens. I had plenty of land to roam around, and watch nature in action. I was a tomboy, played sports and had lots of friends. I also loved reading and using my imaginations to play games. This has certainly helped me in life become comfortable with myself and I wish this for every child.

Bumples is so much fun to do every month. It has allowed my imagination to return as I read wonderful stories and dream up fun games to play. There are so many good writers out there and I wish that I could print them all. I know that the children are enjoying the magazine as I watch their eyes light up, or they write me wonderful letters about stories they have read.

If your child hasn't tried Bumples, show it to them. Let them read the sample magazine.

The magazine is improving and growing each and every day.


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