Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Scared of the Dark ~ a Review

When Sean Felton embarks on a dream vacation to Bangkok, Thailand, he never in his wildest dreams thought the beautiful, exotic woman he meets is about to change the entire course of his life.

Kim, a local girl is immediately draw to Sean and he to her.  From the moment they met, they spent every minute together and Sean feels himself falling in love with her.  Kim reciprocates his emotions, but is there a hidden agenda on Kim's part?

Sean's vacation ends, but he has to see Kim again.  He rushes back to Thailand and proposes to Kim.  She accepts and Sean is floating on cloud nine.  However, once all the red tape is settled and Kim returns to England with Sean, things begin to go very, very wrong.

Scared of the Dark by Sean Felton is his own account of his horrendous journey with his wife, Kim before and after she kidnaps their young son, Jobe and returns to Thailand to hide out.

This is a must-read and eye-opening story of a parent's love and the lengths he will go to to rescue his child.  I couldn't put it down and commend Sean for his persistence and determination to get Jobe out of danger and back home.

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I'm immensely impressed by all these blogs you juggle. And all interesting!

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