Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wild Colt ~ A Review

Come on an adventure with the wild colts of the Chincoteague coastal habitat.  This wonderful book brings you and your child along as a male colt is born and discovers his wetland home, growing and meeting all the animals that live in his area. 

One day the pony is separated from his mom as he is suddenly thrust into the famous wild pony round up at the Pony Penning on Chincoteague island- this is based on the actual auction.  However, he may long for his mom but his new, young owner will give him the life he deserves.

Wild Colt is written by Lois Szymanski and is a delightful tale written in soft, rhythmic rhyme.  It gentle teaches about this wetland area with a wildlife identification guide, discussions topics and fun facts.

The water colour illustrations are by Linda Kantjas and are absolutely gorgeous, bringing more life to this already lively story!

Check out Wild Colt on Schiffer Publishing, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or where ever fine books are sold.


Lois Szymanski said...

Thank you for the wonderful review. This is a work of the heart!

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