Saturday, August 25, 2012

Big Billy and the Ice Cream Truck that Wouldn't Stop

Every evening at 7:05 pm a sinister ice cream truck would drive through the neighborhood tempting the children to buy ice cream.  However, when they would come out of their houses waving money, the sinister ice cream truck driver would ZOOM away!

One day Big Billy (the biggest kid on the block) got tired of the sinister man's trickery.  He made a plan and took a stand.  What did he do?  Find out in Big Billy and the Ice Cream Truck that Wouldn't Stop!

Written by Joe Consiglio, this book is an amusing adventure with a happy ending.  The illustrations done by Joe Simko are bright and bold and have details galore. 

Big Billy and the Ice Cream Truck that Wouldn't Stop is a must have to wrap up summer with or to keep the summertime fun alive in our hearts all winter long.

Check it out at this and other books at Shiffer Publishing. 


Unknown said...

Okay, now that's just evil! That ice cream truck driver better hope I never get a hold of him!

Theresa Mahoney said...

I need to read this book to figure out what Billy does. My ice cream man does the same thing. I've even had to get in my car and chase him down the road lol. Looks like a cute book that would be right up my 8 year old daughter alley.

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