Thursday, August 23, 2012

Healthy Foods from A to Z

Parents, are you tired of the same ole picture book, ones that do nothing to educate your little ones?  Then check out Healthy Foods from A to Z .  This book isn't only educational, it's fun!

Every letter of the alphabet is covered in food...well not really.  But there is funny faces made from actual fruits, veggies and grains.  Plus, each item also has it's Spanish translation!

The food-faces are so comical you can't help but giggle.  Take for example letter "N'.  This long haired beauty is made from noodles, nuts, oranges, turnips, yams, nectarines and a cactus leaf - so much silly!

Your child will love to discover the many items that have gone into making up these faces and best of all they're actual photos.  In addition, at the back of the book there's a "Make Your Own Healthy Food Face" with a template to work with, "Other Healthy Food Projects You Can Try" - learning games, plus a "Parents Did You Know..." section that reveals fun facts about all the items used on each page.

Playing with your food has never been so much fun and educational!  Check out Healthy Foods from A to Z today at Moonstone Press LLC.  Release date September 2012.


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