Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Lesson - A Review

Gina had her life planned out.  She and her fiance, Michael, were on the college path to being attorneys and one day they would have the perfect life in a law practice together.  However, Gina's expectations are cut short as her perfect, handsome fiance suddenly breaks it off with her.

Gina is devastated and to add to the trauma her parent's are no longer speaking to her.  Gina turns to the help of a Bible study group where she briefly meets Kevin - an ordinary Navy guy without all the looks and charm that Michael possessed.  But when Kevin follows her home and she let's him into her apartment, little does she know then that this quirky guy is going to change her life.

The Lesson by Virginia Hull Welch is based on true events.  It's heartwarming, funny and definitely a page-turner.  Grab your copy today - it's the perfect beach book.

I LOVED IT 5 Stars!

The Lesson is available at; Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other book retailers.


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