Thursday, July 4, 2013

Crazy Woman Creek ~ A Review

After a heated argument with his wife, James Rose storms out of the house and doesn't return.  Three days later his horse turns up, but still no James.  Lenora, his devoted wife, is now left with a massive ranch and little money to help her get through the tough times ahead.  But is he dead?  Lenora refuses to believe the worse without her beloveds body to bury and she holds out for the hope that he will return. 

Lenora seeks help from the handsome, young deputy, Luke Davies, to find her husband, even though the Sheriff believes there was foul play and Mr. Rose is gone forever.  However, the time spent between Lenora and Luke are set with perils and rumors of their own.  Are they falling for each other, despite the taboos and town talk?

Set in the 1880's on the Wyoming praires, Crazy Women Creek by Virginia Hull Welch is a historical look back to a time when women weren't repected and the times were rough.  The book is a wonderful read, with just enough mystery and romance to keep you turning the pages. 

This is a great summer read so grab your copy today at Amazon. 

5 Star!!


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